3 March 2015
Lavinie Take off Contest
Lavinie Take off Contest

Win a LS Exclusive Edition & Get a LS Mini Edition

Lavinie flyes with SWISS the whole March 2015 around the world. Send us a picture from our product advertisement that you can find on every SWISS flight board magazine and send it

Every picture that shows our product in the SWISS magazine and has been taken inside the airplane will get a Lavinie Mini Edition.
At the end, the most creative of all pictures will be elected and will win an Exclusive Edition

Hurry, the award is limited!
Please feel free to share the contest.

1. One award per person.
2. The pictures has to show the Lavinie product advertisement in the SWISS Magazine.
3. We have to recognize that the pictures has been taken inside the airplane.
4. Otherwise – be creative. The most creative of all pictures will win an Exclusive Edition.
5. We have the rights to publish the pictures via our social media channels

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