the most exclusive
Hand Cream ever

A true commitment

Our philosophy is committed to true luxury: to serenity, purity, and to a pristine, precious nature. That is why we have come back to our true roots. To Valais, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Because here we can make our philosophy reality - with values-conscious entrepreneurship and uncompromising excellence.

For us, ethical entrepreneurship is a matter of honour. Therefore, we vouch for the social and environmental sustainability of our production and our products. The result: Each of our creations is a distinctive and a rare treasure, made with great care and expert craftsmanship in Switzerland.

Beauty is our passion

Beauty is an attitude. Our attitude. It means we commit ourselves to the real, to the beautiful, to the exceptional. Because our desire is to turn what is good into what is best. With special and unique products.

the most
exclusive Hand Cream ever

Unique active ingredients

Only the most precious ingredients were chosen to ensure the exclusiveness of this exceptional Hand Cream.

Swiss Edelweiss

The miraculous flower of legend from the Swiss Alps enchants not only with its undeniable anti-ageing effects, but has also been known for its anti-inflammatory medicinal properties as far back as the 19th Century. more 1

Swiss Alp Rose

These long-living plants—some up to 100 years—have optimally adapted to the enormous fluctuations in temperature and to the UV radiation they are exposed to in the mountains and developed the ability to form a protein in their leaves that is essential to their longevity. more 2

Swiss Alpine Water

Mountain spring water has a long journey to take before it sees the light of day. Along this journey, during which each drop slowly seeps through the alpine bedrock, the water becomes enriched with minerals and trace elements. more 3

Unique Swiss quality

All research, development and production of the LAVINIE cosmetics line takes place in Switzerland.

Why? Because we are dedicated to a pioneering combination of tradition and innovation. Tradition, since our cosmetics are made by hand - from the plant harvest to the packaging of this work of art. And innovation, because we not only use the latest PhytoCellTec™ technology available on the market: we offer a unique combination of active ingredients in a futuristic and refined airless glass dispenser.

Your benefits

Be seduced by this fast absorbent and restoring Hand Cream, which will leave a feeling of subtle Cashmere on your hands.

  • Acts against the effects of premature skin aging
  • Effectively improves the protection against environmental stressors, such as wind, sun and dryness
  • Comforts your skin with in-depth refreshment and long lasting hydration

Dermatologically tested and approved for your sensitive skin. Free from parabens, silicons and mineral oils.

Buy now

You are exceptional!
Therefore, feel the difference and take advantage of this exceptional Hand Cream.

50ml / CHF 139.- / incl. Swiss VAT

Free shipping within Switzerland and to the most European countries or for orders above two products.

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  1. Since Edelweiss is extremely rare and thrives best on exposed, poorly accessible slopes, this precious flower became a symbol of eternal love. The consequence: countless legends of brave young men who pitted not only their reputation, but often also their very lives in search of the elusive flower.

    Today, the Edelweiss is a protected alpine flower, which is why our Edelweiss is picked by hand in a controlled Valais Alpine garden. Over the centuries, the robust and durable plant has developed essential properties which allow it to survive in the harsh mountain conditions. Thus, the Edelweiss produces extremely powerful, natural antioxidants and cell elasticity-enhancing properties which we specifically use in our cream to release an outstanding anti-ageing effect.

  2. Thanks to innovative PhytoCellTec™ technology, the plant stem cells of the Alp Rose can now be extracted and used cosmetically. For you this means: LAVINIE hand cream sustainably revitalises the skin's own stem cells and effectively increases the skin’s ability to protect against environmental stressors.

  3. The result is remarkably pristine water which provides your hands with long-lasting moisture. The deeply penetrating refreshment supports the skin with an elastic and radiant effect.